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What is the Digital Office?

The future of BDO isn’t just digital. It’s disruptive. It’s innovative. It’s competitively client-centric. To propel this transformation and achieve Strategy 2.0, we’ve assembled the Digital Office — a team of partners, technologists, and subject matter experts that champion digital across the firm. Their mission is to evolve our culture and create a smarter, faster BDO. CULTR/SHFT is just the beginning.

What do I submit?

1/ Summarize your idea in one sentence.

2/ What is the problem or opportunity your idea 
    will solve?

3/ What is the scale of this problem or opportunity?

4/ Are there existing alternatives or technologies to 
    address this problem or opportunity? If so, 
    what are they?

We’re looking for big, bold ideas that challenge our organization and invite change in our industry. Your submission should be in the form of a presentation deck with up to 10 slides and answer the following questions:

Submissions will be accepted from teams of up to 3 people.

5/ What is the value to be delivered by this idea?

6/ What are the top 3 features of this idea?

7/ Which digital pillar does this idea fall under: 
    automation, prediction, or growth?

8/ Who are the main beneficiaries of this idea?

By entering this challenge you agree to the publication of your entry, at the sole discretion of BDO, which may include your name and likeness. You also agree that in consideration for entering this challenge any idea submitted by you as part of this challenge is considered performed in the course of your employment/partnership with BDO and as such BDO is the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights to the entry and you waive all moral rights to the entry in favor of BDO. BDO may use, transcribe, modify, publish, reproduce, distribute, sell or display the entry, alone or in conjunction with other materials, in its sole discretion, without further compensation.

What are the digital pillars?

Develop a way to generate insights that allow us to make smarter decisions. Not just for our clients, but for ourselves.

Disrupt the industry with an unprecedented new revenue source that takes over the digital economy.

Reinvent our operations with a game-changing idea that uses automation to make us quicker. More agile. More efficient. 

The top 3 finalists will take an all-expenses paid trip to Toronto where they’ll pitch their idea to the Evaluation Panel. From there, a winning idea will be selected and built into a fully commercialized product by the Digital Office with you at the wheel.

What can I win?

Evaluation Panel

Sonia Edmonds
Managing Partner,

Neil Shankman
Chief Marketing Officer

Rafi Majeed
Chief Digital Officer

David Keddy
Advisory Service
Line Leader

Bruno Suppa
Managing Partner, GTA

Alicia DeFreitas
Chief Human
Resources Officer

The world is evolving and so are we. 

To stay competitive and achieve Strategy 2.0, we need to be more innovative, client-centric and collaborative than ever. Digital is our future and that’s why we made it a strategic pillar. We have a new Digital Office to launch projects that shift our culture to be more digital. CULTR/SHFT is the first initiative where you can directly contribute. This is just the beginning to become smarter, faster, more digital.

The future is yours to imagine.

You’re invited to be part of a transformation. Not just in the way we do business, but in the way our clients do business too. It’s your opportunity to be a leading force in Strategy 2.0 with a digital idea that has real-world impact. This is CULTR/SHFT.

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