As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions—about your financial statements or your business. We know that your business continues to evolve. We are here to support you, from your everyday needs to your most critical decisions.

The financial statements you receive and the way we compile them are changing this year. These changes apply to all public accountants, and were issued under the new Canadian Standard for Related Services 4200.

You will also notice a name change. For years, a one-page report in the compiled financial statements has been known as a ‘Notice to Reader,’ or NTR. That report name is changing to ‘Compilation Engagement Report.’

person looking at financial documents while making calculations on calculator.
Changes to your
compiled financial statements
New compilation engagement standard: CSRS 4200


Expect these changes when meeting with your BDO advisor:

Public accountants have been asked to check in with their clients on areas of the business related to the financial statements. As your advisors, we approach these discussions as part of our ongoing communication with you. We’ll explain the changes and how they impact your business.

We’ll focus on these areas:

Your responsibility in the process
We’ll obtain your acknowledgement of responsibility for the financial statements

How you use your financial statements
Specifically, whether you share your statements with a third party such a bank or other lender.

Key decisions made in compiling the statements
All financial statements require decisions, or judgments, on how to compile the financial statements. We’ll review the significant ones with you to make sure you understand their impact and your role in making them.

Basis of Accounting
Banks and other lenders who rely on financial statements need information on the accounting method used to prepare the statements. This is called the basis of accounting. We’ll help you decide which basis of accounting to use and disclose on your financial statements.

Relevant facts about your business
These include your operations, accounting system, and accounting records.

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